Our mission is leading emerging generations into a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ, empowering individuals to engage their culture, their new way of life and the fulfillment of their God-given destinies, energizing the church through multiplication and creating supernatural lifestyles exemplifying excellence, integrity and wholeness.


Our aim is the presence and power of God.  We will actively seek the presence of God and lead others into the presence of God.  We strive to introduce people to the Father through the Son by the Spirit.  We believe truth is to be experienced; therefore, we will create venues, atmospheres, and moments where God can be encountered.

Our aim is to see people fulfill their God-given destiny, and we believe the local church is the launching point for this goal.  People who live out their destiny are Spirit empowered, relationally connected, culturally aware, activated in their gifts and talents, and they serve the world through creative leadership. Our church aims to empower people to live an abundant life and to pursue their personal calling in the church and world.

Our first aim is to help people engage within the church creating a healthy community of believers. Our second aim is to train believers to be real, relational and relevant with others.

Our aim in leading emerging generations is to lay a platform to empower and launch them into greater expressions of God’s presence and power. Our dream is to be the ladder they climb to greater godly influence within society.

Our aim is for the move of God to gain momentum.  This will be the continual fruit of the energized flow of the Holy Spirit.  The fruit of God’s movement will multiply disciples, leaders, ministries, groups, and churches.  As this spills into the lives of God’s people, their families, businesses, hobbies, finances and every good thing of life will multiply.

Our aim is to be the message. We want our lives to be the pattern to copy and the blueprint to follow.

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